Give away Mustang Road

Give away unique experiences: rent and drive a Mustang

Give away unique experiences: rent and drive a Mustang

Why give away a material object when you can give away unique and unforgettable memories? If you like to break molds and turn every moment into a special adventure, at Mustang Road we are ready to help you, either by taking you or putting you at the controls of one of our Ford Mustangs. Driving a Mustang is much more than driving a car: the smell of the leather upholstery, the smooth response in gear changes, the injection of adrenaline that will make you feel the speed ... If you add a tailor-made cultural experience to it or an afternoon of exclusive shopping, what else could you ask for? From Mustang Road we have designed complete Adventure packs so you can choose the one that best suits your tastes: traveling to El Escorial, Toledo or Segovia in one of our cars, enjoying the most urban and cosmopolitan Madrid or living an exclusive shopping afternoon by driving the Ford Mustang of your dreams.You can even design your own personalized experience! If you want to know more about our fleet, about our Mustang Road Experiences packages or you want to tell us your ideas for a dream wedding, a surprise birthday or a romantic and exclusive anniversary, just fill out our contact form. We will call you so we can design together the best experience for you and your loved ones. You decide how far the adventure comes!

Mustang Pintxos By Sagardi

Discover Madrid and taste delicious pintxos

Mustang Road Urban Madrid

Discover Madrid on board a Mustang

Mustang Madrid On The Road

Live the passion of flying on the asphalt at the controls of a Ford Mustang.

Mustang Road Love on Wheels

Discover Madrid on board a Mustang

Mustang Road Football

Discover Madrid and visit Bernabéu Stadium

Mustang Road Shopping

Shopping day in Las Rozas Village

Mustang Road Complete Experience

Discover Madrid on board a Mustang

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