Corporate Events

Corporate Events

Rent a Ford Mustang and Increase your customers' and workers’ loyalty with unforgettable company events

Design your tailor made company event. You decide how far the adventure comes!

Breaking the schemes in a business event is not always easy, but doing so can help you make a difference with that difficult customer to seduce or further retain those who are already in love with your company. Renting one or several of our Ford Mustangs will not only ensure the surprise factor: it also will make impossible for them to forget your brand. Offering unique experiences, such as driving a race car or taking a customized trip in which you will only have to enjoy the view, is not only good when it comes to creating customer loyalty: it is also a great way of working the Team Building of teams and departments. By renting one of our mustangs you will ensure that strengthen links that will improve the results and the daily coexistence, also increasing the levels of happiness of the team and turning them into prescribers of your brand. At Mustang Road we do not believe in closed packages when it comes to making customers or workers happy: if you're looking to create a unique and completely customized event, you've come to the right place. Drive it, take a walk around the city, use it to attend company meals or cultural events... Everything is possible by renting one of the Ford Mustangs of our fleet in Madrid. If you want to know more about our fleet or you want to tell us your ideas, you just have to fill in our contact form. We will call you so we can design together the best experience for your clients and employees. You decide how far the adventure comes!


¡Confiamos en tener nuestros Mustang en la carretera lo antes posible! Mientras tanto, nuestras experiencias no estarán disponibles al menos hasta el 20 de abril